Welcome to Gestalt Work

Gestalt Work: Excitement, growth and meaning in the human experience

This is your introduction to Gestalt Work–An Existential Practice.

We work toward integration and wholeness.

We use the principles of Gestalt Learning, a process of exploration of the self in its relationships to others and the wider world. Gestalt Learning requires that you learn to do a number of basic things, including:

  • Paying attention.
  • Discovering your present vantage point.
  • Identifying the contact boundaries that form and dissolve as you actively experience life.
  • Identifying your available energy and exploring the ways you are using it.
  • Beginning the process of integrating aspects and fragments of yourself into an increasingly comprehensive collection.
  • Using these working tools to approach the goal of integration and wholeness.
  • Developing a philosophical structure that underlies and guides your living reality. This structure must be enough to live by.

The work helps to shape an ordinary life of extraordinary excitement, growth and meaning.

We draw on our lived experience to discover the philosophical framework that provides the deep foundation for our lives….

  • Our existential structure — what are we?
  • Our epistemological structure — what do we know?
  • Our moral structure — what should we do?
  • Our aesthetic structure — of what are we in awe?
  • Our spiritual structure — what do we love?
  • Our phenomenological structure — what is our lived experience?

We form communities of practice to support each individual’s work and to allow new forms of attentiveness, narration and creativity  to emerge.

2 Responses to Welcome to Gestalt Work

  1. Maryam says:

    Would like to be in touch!
    Gestalt student/practitioner
    Maryam in Duncan on Vancouver Island
    Jan. 1, 2014

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