Guidelines for Explorations

Some comments on the pages and what to do with them:

Provides an overview of the gestalt approach and calls attention to important parts of a conceptual framework—gestalt tools and philosophical understandings.

This is the page where I post and respond to comments.

Provides an outline of the possible ways that people and organizations can get involved in gestalt work.

Expands the concepts mentioned on the home page with explanatory and exploratory intent.

The beginning of an archive of thoughts from any source that someone has found important, useful, touching. Your contributions are sought.

House of Cards
Another opportunity to get involved in creating a resource that is available to anyone who visits the site. I start with a set of phrases and intend to comment and expand on them as we go along. You are invited to contribute from your own store of ideas to the growing inventory.


About gestaltwork

On the right, May 30, 1971, Kuper Island, BC, Canada. First day on the farm for the Gestalt Institute of Canada. On the left, May 30, 2011, St. Paul, Minnesota. Starting to plan Gestalt Work practice. Same hat. Same person?
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