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Welcome Bay Area Friends

If you find yourself here after following Nancy Rothstein’s suggestion, I invite you to stay with the process. A new series of posts is on the way, and you are also welcome to contact me to discuss possible ways of … Continue reading

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In Landscape

Figure and background and their dynamic interplay are like the double helix of Gestalt Work. This exploration opens many doors: In landscape, figure and background are one. This is part of what fascinates us—either: we do not have to shift … Continue reading

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Integration–and Beyond

I’m starting here a series of thoughts about concepts at the heart of Gestalt Work.  I want your help in letting people know about the Gestalt Work site, with the idea of building a community of practice to share the … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Explorations

Mapping/Guidelines Some comments on the pages and what to do with them: Home Provides an overview of the gestalt approach and calls attention to important parts of a conceptual framework—gestalt tools and philosophical understandings. Explorations This is the page where … Continue reading

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Gestalt Work is hard work

My name is Jerold M Rothstein–Jerry–and I am a Gestalt Therapist who is now opening a practice for gestalt learning work. Aspects of gestalt learning include attention to one’s life narrative; building a toolkit of philosophical principles, phenomenological tools, attentive … Continue reading

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